We go where the party takes us. We make unlimited stops. Listed are a few popular party destinations. 

  • Hometown venues
  • Springfield Bars
  • Dayton's Oregon District
  • Top Golf West Chester
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Columbus' Arena District
  • Jack Cincinnati Casino
  • Mad River Mountain Valley Hi
  • Brewery Tour
  • Ohio State Football Games
  • Cincinnati Bengals Game
  • Local Paint Bar/Studios
  • Race Track
  • Indian Lake Bar Crawl
  • Downtown Cincinnati
  • Scene 75
  • Columbus & Cincinnati Zoo
  • St. Mary's / Celina

Where we go

what we Have

our party bus


Who We Are

  • Party on wheels!
  • Provide a safe, fun form of transportation when celebrating any occasion. ​​​
  • We can offer a 30 people bus.
  • Outstanding sound system with Bluetooth or aux capabilities.
  • 2 dancing poles
  • Bathroom aboard
  • Entertainment center with a Smart TV and DVD player
  • Karaoke Machine with over 600 songs
  • Cell phone charging station
  • Party lights


Carpe Diem Party Bus LLC

Carpe Diem Party Bus LLC is a small town party bus company. We started this journey with hopes of creating an excuse to "seize the moment" and take an ordinary birthday or family outing and creating a party on wheels. Life is short, we must seize every moment and make the most fun possible. It's important to have a safe, reliable option to travel with your group, What better way to travel with all your friends and family then while on a party bus with music, dancing, drinks, laughter, and memories! 

We want to be an affordable option for you and your group to celebrate. Let us be a part of your wedding festivities, birthday, game day, girls night, concert, etc. 

Lets not forget, we are family people. The kiddos love the lights and space to move around on the bus. There is a Smart TV and DVD player available to put on a family movie while traveling. Grab the grandkids, cousins, and siblings and plan a trip to a ball game or the zoo. 

Ultimately, the options are endless. Whenever a group is involved, Carpe Diem Party Bus can add to the fun. A party bus is great for a wedding, however is not limited to a formal occasion. Make every occasion memorable and Carpe Diem!